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Standard First Aid Public Class November 2017

-I really did enjoy this course. I made new friends and learned important information. The teacher was amazing and super fun and outgoing. Thank you! – Kristin Poulsen
-The course was very interesting. The instructor was fantastic and provided us with theoretical and practical knowledge. It was an outstanding experience to attend this class. -Tanav Gupta
-This course was very good. Janet is a wonderful person to listen to and she explained everything well. -Ashley M
-The entire class and lessons were very helpful. I love the way you deliver the knowledge to us through stories and experiences. Thank you so much for everything. -Phuong Linh Tran
-This course was very well organized and instructed. I learned a lot of important information. -Taylor Campbell
-This course was very interesting and fun! I thought it would be boring but the teacher was fun and enthusiastic. I enjoyed taking this course. -Bailey Doyle
-The course was easy to understand and the instructor explained the topics very well.


-Thank you very much Jennifer. You made this experience a very pleasant one and I leave here feeling prepared if ever faced with an emergency.
-Very friendly and personable instructor.
-The training was thorough. The instructor made sure that everything was clearly understood and gave lots of examples.
-Excellent! Our instructor made the class interesting.
-Very good course! Thank you!

Standard First Aid – Public Class October 2017

-I really enjoyed this course. Of all the first aid and CPR training I have received, this was definitely the most beneficial. My instructor made the material easy to learn, remember and demonstrated how to apply it in different situations. Keep up the great work! -Allison Querat
-The instructors were very engaged and had insightful knowledge that added to my experience. Thank you:) -Jessika Miner
The instructors were knowledgeable and kept us engaged. Great information for the field. -Sheila Lachance
-The class was taught amazingly. I learnt so much in 2 days. Thank you! -Delaney Cummings
-This was an excellent experience. I feel prepared to deal with situations that require first aid and CPR. Great instructors. -Kayla Campbell
-My experience was amazing. Everything was explained very well. It was always interesting and great stories were shared. Thank you for everything:) -Skylar Donaghy
-Thank you for an awesome 2 days. I really enjoyed the course and learnt lots of new things. -Abigail Hewston

Standard First Aid – Public Class October 2017

-You guys are great! This was the most informative and fun first aid class I have ever taken. -Nancy Shore
-Fun class overall. I learnt a lot and loved the hands on exercises. -Chris Scheepers
-The class was great on both days! I enjoyed the personal stories and the interactions. The hands on practice made thing easy to understand. It has been a great 2 days. Thanks!. -Lee-Ann Serson
The course was well presented. I learned a lot and really enjoyed how the instructors used personal stories to help us learn. -Jenna Tracy
-I really enjoyed the class. It was fun, interesting and I learned a lot! -Virginia Freill

Standard First Aid – Public Class October 2017

-This was honestly the best course I have ever taken. I usually fall asleep and have issues staying attentive but I was interested the entire time. I loved the stories and the activities. I fully enjoyed it and really didn’t mind missing my weekend and waking up early on a Saturday!
-We had really awesome instructors! Very clearly spoken and made sure that everyone understood.
-CPR training was an amazing experience. The training was fun and thorough. I would like to give a supper hurray to the instructors and I hope to see them again soon!
-Thank you very much! Everyone should learn this material.
-You made a long day seem shorter by adding some fun! Thank you.
-This course taught me a lot. It was very eye opening and I enjoyed it very much.
-The course was super helpful and fun.

Sports and Leisure Programme at Algonquin College September 2017

-Best CPR class ever! The material has never been explained to me in such detail.
-We were kept engaged and motivated.
-Very thorough, well paced, practical in class education. Excellent instructor who kept the content relevant and interesting.
-The instructor was great at engaging the class and keeping everyone interested. Great teaching!
-Really fun and easy to understand.

Perth Campus of Algonquin College September 2017

– Very amazing hands on course. Enjoyed every aspect of it. Thanks:)
-Thank you so much for your course! I had such a fun weekend. Thanks to your amazing teaching skills, I totally aced my test!.
-So informative and fun! I learned so much and feel prepared to help in a first aid situation. Jen and Marianne are the best!!!
-Great teacher. Very interactive and fun while practical and educational.
-Very fun and inclusive.
-Great instructor!
-The class was very well prepared and taught.
-Really enjoyed the course. Very energetic!
-Jen and Marianne were awesome. I Learnt a lot.

Private First Aid For Parents Class August 2017 -Venturella Family

-Jen was very professional and knowledgeable. She took her time explaining and answering all of our questions. Her patience when translating to family members was very much appreciated.
-Thank you so much. This class was very helpful and I now feel better prepared.
-Thank you! It was super informative.
-Glad I did this course.
-This was a very useful class. Hope I won’t need it too much:)
-Thank you for opening our eyes.
-Amazing course and very informative!

Community First Aid & CPR class – August 2017

-Great class! I love how interactive it was. I learn best by doing and the instructors gave us fantastic scenarios to practice and learn from. -Alyssa
-Thank you for the very interactive class. This will help me a lot moving forward. -Algonquin college student
-Thank you so much for the informative training! I learnt a lot. -Algonquin college student
-This was the first time I have ever taken this training without boredom. It was amazing! -Algonquin college student
-Very lively and easy to understand. -Algonquin college student
-Very interesting course. Not a dull moment. -Wei-Che Tseng
-Very interesting teachers. Not at all boring!
-Excellent course. -Kawinthip P

Ottawa Gymnastic Centre Ottawa -August 2017

-The class was fun and informative. -Rynan Sullivan
-I learnt a lot of new information and I now feel confident. -Liam Duan
-Very good course delivery. -Emily
-Our instructor was enthusiastic and used great educational devices such as posters, group presentations and drawings.
-Very informative class!

First Aid For Parents – August 2017

-This was a great course and it teaches parents what to do in everyday first aid situations. -Ghayath Houssein
-Our instructor was a great teacher and the class was a perfect length.
Very informative and contained important information for parents. – Alex Smale
-You were wonderful! We were able to follow along without issue and even had fun. Thank you. -Courtney & Mike Gauthier
-We covered lot’s of great material in a short time frame but the class was not rushed -Perte Iles

Community First Aid & CPR class – July 2017

-What I loved about this course is that I got a solid theoretical background with practical knowledge. The instructors also injected real world experiences to make things relatable and humorous.
-I really enjoyed this course and your method of teaching. I had a lot of fun learning.
-Great instructor and a really fun and informative course!
-Very informative. Thank you.
-I am very happy that I took this course. There is so much useful information.

CBI Health Centre – July 2017

-Jennifer taught the course in an interesting way and I will be able to easily remember this life saving information. Great work! One of the best instructors I have ever had:)
-Best first aid instructor I have ever had.
-Very informative with relatable real life stories.
-What a great course!
-Our instructor was great, funny and accommodating!
-Thank you for working with our schedule!

Community First Aid & CPR class – June 2017

-I originally only registered for the 1 day class but I learned so much and Jen was so amazing at teaching the course and at explaining everything that I came back for the second day:) – Adriana Rodriguez.
-This was by far the best first aid class I have ever taken.
-Our instructor was engaging and had great stories to share.
-Jen made the course fun and interactive. She is knowledgeable and reassuring. I feel confident in my ability to provide first aid and CPR. – Sara Laviolette
-Awesome instructor who made the course fun, exciting and interactive. Highly recommend! – Jarod Henderson
-The course was fantastic! Jennifer was very professional and was great at explaining the material. All of our questions were answered.
-Very well taught! Engaging and memorable. – Safeera Gillani

Apple Tree Medical Clinic

-I have taken many CPR courses in the past and this was the first interesting and fun one! Thank you! – Siham Benyoucef
-I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was very interactive and the information was clearly presented. – Anonymous
-I left feeling as though I could handle a situation where CPR is required. – Victoria Samakai
-This was a great course. The training was relatable to everyday life. – Brianna Taylor.
-Great presenter. Kept everyone engaged and made the material fun to learn!
-Very well done! The instructor was clear and concise! – Carolyn Sheilds
-Our instructor was very knowledgable and made the material easy to understand and apply. – Anonymous
-The instructor was fantastic and did a great job at explaining the material. – Natocia
-Great course! Jenna

A Neighbourhood Connection

-I had fun learning first aid and CPR. The instructor made learning interesting.
-The instructor was very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly:) I highly recommended!
-Informative and fun!

First Aid For Parents Class – March 2017

-Everyone should take the time to do this course!
-Very eye opening. This was a fantastic course.
-The instructor was amazing. A must for every parent.
-As a grandparent, I appreciated learning about how first aid has changed. I now feel better prepared to appropriately respond to different situations.

Students at Algonquin College – February 2017

-The instructor was very engaging and made the 2 days fun and educational.
-Before taking this course, I thought that the content was going to be very complicated but Michel was a great teacher and made things easy to understand.
-I am very satisfied! Great teacher and I learned a lot.
-I loved our teacher. He made paying attention easy.
-I feel prepared to deal with all kinds of emergency situations at work and at home. This is a “must have” course.

Family Chiropractic Centre – January 2017

-Michel presented the material in an interesting way using real life stories and examples. – Beverly Pauling
-We enjoyed a comfortable, relaxing course atmosphere. – David Lovsin
-So glad to have participated. I now feel that I have peace of mind because I am able to handle emergency situations. – Doreen Gobby
-I enjoyed the course! – Linda O’Connor

Total Foot Care Chiropodists – Civic Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre January 2017

-Thank you for the course! It was well organized and informative.
-The course was very thorough and hands on.
-We all feel very prepared.

First Aid For Parents Class January 2017

-Thank you for giving the class!! We learned a lot and I am really glad to have participated!! You are a great teacher and i found that the content covered within the 2h was more than i had expected! You are to the point, clear and easy to follow. Overall id give this session a 10/10. Pascale Berube
-Great course and knowledgeable instructor! Lots of examples and great practice. Very helpful!
-It was great to have a short and affordable course specifically geared toward parents.
-Very informative. Jennifer was friendly, helpful and offered real life examples. Thank you for answering ALL of my questions:)
-Fourth child and still learning!
-Good pace to the course and very well presented.
-Very effective course!

Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre January 2017

-I really enjoyed the class. Michel made it easy to understand through great examples.
-Great instructor. Reliable information and very well explained.
-The instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining!

The Watts / Jorgensen Family November 2016

-Professionalism and attention to detail was excellent.
-This course was excellent! Jen did a great job of commanding the room and presenting the material in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is expecting a child.
-Jen was articulate and explained steps clearly. I now feel more confident in what to do in an emergency.
-This course was so practical and helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

First Aid For Parents Class October 2016

-I have taken first aid and CPR before but this course was extremely helpful because it sumurizes the key points parents should be aware of. This class was focused, applicable and contained invaluable advice.
-As a grandparent, I found i it very helpful to learn about how first aid has changed; New information vs old information.
-Awesome session.
-Should be mandatory for all parents.
-Excellent instructor. The class was very informative and we now feel much more confident in responding during an emergency situation.
-Great information! The instructor was funny and very well versed in life situations. It adds perspective to the course.
-Don’t hesitate to take this course if you have a child or grand-children. Well worth it!
-Excellent instructor who did a great job of presenting the information. I will definitely recommend the class to others and will be taking it again down the road as a refresher. Thank you!

First Aid For Parents Class / The Arcand Family August 2016

-Wonderful and informative session. This is a great course to equip any parent with life saving knowledge.
-Great job! Very informative.
-I enjoyed the frank and honest descriptions. I recommend this class for any parent or grandparent.
-Great course for parent! Very useful information and very well presented.
-Thank you so much! I feel so much better prepared.

Children’s Universe Child Care August 2016

-I really enjoyed this class. Thank you for making first aid courses fun again!
-The instructor had lots of experience and was very knowledgeable.
-I really enjoyed this class. It was fun, educational and easy going.
-Michel is funny and a wonderful teacher.
-Great interactions and explanations:)
-The class was informative, relaxed and I was able to ask all of my questions.
-Awesome presentation!

Minto Adult Hockey League Defibrillator Training August 2016

-Well worth the investment! It could save a life. Thanks so much!
-The re enactment scenario was a real wake up call to what a cardiac arrest would be like. Everyone should take this course. It is informative and gives you the skills required to save a life.
-Even if I never need to use an AED, I would feel much more confident responding in an emergency situation including jumping in or managing the response.
-This course is easy to understand and I now feel ready to deal with a cardiac arrest situation.
-All players in the adult hockey league should take this training.
-Very informative, well done!

MDS Aero July 2016

– This was the best First Aid course I have ever taken. I really enjoyed some of the real world examples that were used. Our instructor really pushed us to think for ourselves. She was very clear with providing direction and advice.
– Well informed professional instructor with experience related to all types of events which complimented the lesson. I learnt a great deal regarding First Aid and this has given me the confidence to help out in emergencies at work and at home.

Momentum Business Law June 2016

-This session was fun and effective. Great teaching style and we all feel better prepared to deal with emergency situations now. I enjoyed the “real world” examples to illustrate points.
-I have never taken a CPR course before but this was so easy that I wish I would have done it sooner! Gret course, great time, great skills!
-The instructions and demonstrations were clear. Thank you!

The Ottawa Gymnastics Centre June 2016

Michel was professional and delivered the content effectively. He made the course fun and interesting. Overall the training was fantastic and informative.

The Russo Family June 2016

-So worth it!
-Jennifer was extremely informative. She has made me much more aware and comfortable. This course was very helpful and well worth the time.
-Jennifer is a great instructor. Great course!
-I enjoyed the session. Jennifer was awesome.
-The class was very informative.
-The course was very well presented.
-The visual demonstration was very good as were the tactics used to encourage participation.

First Aid For Parents Class April 2016

-The instructor was very knowledgeable. This class was helpful and I learned a lot. Anonymous
-Michel gave lots of helpful information and used many great examples, both personal and professional which really added to our understanding of the material. Anonymous
-Michel was very thorough. Marlene Malakieh
-Every parent should take this course. Marta Palou
-Great instruction with very helpful information. David & Kristen Gagnon

Royal LePage Team Realty April 16th 2016

-The instructor was amazing. I feel confident to help my family and strangers. -Felice Miranda
-What an excellent course! There was lots of information. It was well presented with humour and good examples. -Suzanne LeBlond
-Michel knew his stuff and made it very interesting. -Sue Alexander
-The information was very interesting and I think everyone should have this knowledge. I really enjoyed the course even though I hope I never have to use it. The instructor was very patient and informative. -Anonymous
-The presenters were professional and thorough. They provided excellent demonstrations and used humour where appropriate. -Doug Stuewe
-I had had some misconceptions that were corrected. Excellent presentation. Something everyone should take. -Anonymous
-Everything was perfect! -Anonymous
-The instructor was very dynamic and kept things interesting. Everyone should have this type of training. -Anonymous
The instructors were very entertaining and kept us focused. They did an amazing job explaining. -Danielle Grenon
-I really enjoyed the delivery and content of Jennifer’s and Michel’s training. -Amanda Heath
-Great class! -Anonymous
-Informative and fun. -Anonymous

Meadowvale Farm March 6th & 7th 2016

-The instructor was very knowledgeable and covered the material very thoroughly. Definitely a “must have” course.
-Everything was well explained and interesting.

First Aid for Parents class on February 25th 2016

-It was amazing! If you are going to take one class while pregnant, skip prenatal and take this class. -Allison Cline
-I think it was an amazing course. If you are having a child or know a child, you need this course! -Crystal Thomson
-Great presentation! Perfect for new parents or grandparents! -Pat Thornton
-Thank you for offering this course at a reasonable price!
-Very helpful and reassuring! I feel more comfortable introducing my infant to food. -Lisa Lanthier
-Excellent and informative course. I recommend it!

First Aid for Parents class on February 22nd 2016

-Well worth the time and money.
-The information is very useful. What we grew up thinking was safe, is sometimes no longer the case. -Joanne Domingo
-I have taken other CPR courses but found this one much more informative.
-Very well presented! -Paul
-I really enjoyed this class and it helped my daughter learn some first aid basics too. -Andria
-Great course and I appreciated the length and depth of the instruction. -Mark Gray
-It was easy to follow without being overwhelmed.

Brittanie Roberts. February 7th 2016

I really enjoyed this course. It was taught very well and the instructor explained everything thoroughly. I will be coming back to you guys again! Thank you so much!

Victoria Pdjanec. February 7th 2016

I love the course! The instructors were great.

Merve Fathel. February 7th 2016

Very interesting, useful and engaging.

Isabella Nicolo. February 7th 2016

This course was a huge help! You will learn a lot of information that will help you in your everyday life and work place. The team that taught us were great and I highley recommend this first aid course.

Katrina Belohoubek. January 24th 2016

I really enjoyed the course. I learned more than I thought I would and I will be sure to use this knowledge if/when I need to. Thank you so much. Michel did a fantastic job teaching us!

Kaitlin Abbott. January 24th 2016

The information is very useful.
I enjoyed this class very much and I definitely learned a lot of new things that will help me in the future! Thank you!

Ashey Palmer. January 24th 2016

Really easy going people. I was really nervous about taking this course but they made it very easy to learn! Take your course with them!

First Aid for Parents class on January 23rd 2016

-Easy to understand and remember. Very worth it for every parent to attend. – Anonymous
-Great course! Straight to the point and very useful. – Anonymous
-This course has made me feel more prepared to deal with emergencies. It was very helpful as a first time parent. – Ana Schwar
-Wonderful session! I feel reassured knowing that I have the knowledge needed to treat my child in an emergency. – Danielle Herby
-Everything was super clear. Compliments to the instructor! This is an excellent short course that teaches the basics without wasting any time. – Anonymous
-This course covered all of the potential baby and child emergencies. I would recommend that everyone take this course a couple times a year to refresh the information and to build confidence to deal with a sudden situation. Well done! – Anonymous
Excellent course. It covered everything we neede for first aid. It was really well explained! Thanks so much!! – Hendrik
-This was a very informative training course and the content was well chosen. – Erin Damelson
-I was slightly concerned about the short course and the lack of certification but the course was extremely helpful. Thanks!

First Aid for Parents class on January 14th 2015

-Definitely worth taking for new parents, even as a refresher. This class was full of new information! – Melanie L
-The instructors were awesome. I recommend it to everyone who has to deal with infants and children. – Anonymous
-Great examples are given. – I. Leblond
-Very helpful. Covered the key information I was looking for. Shannon Stuyt.
-Perfect course for parents! – Jessica Fontaine
-I loved that the course was 2 hours. Lots of information was covered in a short time. – Anonymous
-Great information for my needs. – Carrie Morgan
-It was very straight forward and dealt with common real life situations. – Anonymous

Ryma – October 28th 2015

I have taken many CPR courses before but today’s course was definitely the best.  We had a great instructor and I learnt so much from him.  I feel prepared and confident to preform CPR if ever needed.

Anonymous – October 28th 2015

The instrustructor was very well informed.  Best first aid class ever!

Allison Monk – October 28th 2015

It was a very well taught class.

Decisive IT – October 27th 2015 [Corporate Class]

– Great day and well presented. I really enjoyed the instructors comprehensive knowledge of all the material.
– This course provided me with the knowledge to possibly change a life, save a life and be confident while helping others in need.
– A fantastic course!  Than you for leaving me better prepared to deal with an emergency situation.
– The class was very interesting and the instructor was very knowledgeable.

Caroline Arcand – September 18th 2015

I very much enjoyed the training!

Katherine Chapman – September 18th 2015

This was an amazing experience!   Michel was awesome and he made me feel very confident about all of the new things I learned.

The Eyedocs Ottawa – Sept 13th 2015 [Corporate Class]

-Very informative.
-Michel was a good instructor and communicator.  Very organized.
-Lots of practical aspects.
-This course was educational and fun.
-Excellent instructor.
-This is by far the best first aid training I have ever received.  Excellent real-life scenarios used as well as non text book descriptions that really helped me understand what I was learning.
-Excellent training.  Thank you!
-Clearly a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.  He is entertaining and made the time go quickly.
-The training was fun and interactive.

Qualicare Home Health Care Service – September 12th 2015 [Corporate Class]

-The material was very well explained and the instructor made sure we understood.
-Very interesting and helpful.  Michel made it a fun experience and took the fear out of CPR.
-Michel is very knowledgable and made it easy to learn.
-What a fun class!
-Great presentation.  It was easy to understand.  I loved the pace and your humour too!

Anonymous – September 3rd and 4th 2015

Michel was awesome!  All of the information was useful and straight to the point.

Alexa Fraser – September 3rd and 4th 2015

Awesome teacher!  I learned a lot.

Anonymous – September 3rd and 4th

Well formatted and all the material was clearly explained

Macyn Leung – September 3rd and 4th 2015

The course helped me feel fully prepared to use my new first aid and CPR training.  Thank you!

Sabrina Morris – September 3rd and 4th 2015

The extra information about actual scenarios and reactions was really helpful.

Maya McGregor September 3rd and 4th 2015

Very useful and I learned a lot.

Anonymous- sept 3rd 2015

The instructor is very informative.  This class is useful not only for emergencies but for personal use as well.  Job well done!

Anonymous – Sept 3rd 2015

It was a great class and was well organised.

Cassidy Freil – August 29/30 2015

I enjoyed the course.  I learned lots and feel prepared to use the skills.  I am very satisfied and Michel was great.

Arthur Prematunga – August 29/30 2015

Excellent teaching.

Mary Foran August 29/30 2015

I phoned to get information and Jennifer helped me register quickly.  Very courteous and helpful!  Michel is enthusiastic about teaching and listened well to all questions.  Lots of good advice.  I will recommend them to my employer.

Anonymous – August 29/30 2015

Very good course!  I felt comfortable asking questions and the teacher was very nice:)

Joshua Oelsner – August 13/14 2015

Great class all around!

Anonymous  – August 3rd 2015

Michel makes it very interesting and entertaining.

William Wang – August 3rd 2015

Great lesson, confident instructor

Alec Gerther – August 3 ‎2015

Great course.  Excited to use the knowledge learned in every day life

Kathleen Jubenville – August 3 ‎2015

Michel provided lots of real world examples and has an amazing background and experience.  Thanks!

Anonymous  – July ‎16‎ ‎2015

Great instructor!

Anonymous  – July ‎16‎ ‎2015

Very relaxed setting which made it easier to pay attention and learn.


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