About Us

National Capital First Aid is a Canadian Red Cross training partner.


Our mission is to offer high quality, interactive First Aid courses that meet all legislative requirements.

About Us – Who are we?

We are Red cross instructors with medical backgrounds in nursing, paramedicine and physiotherapy to name a few, with deep routed passions for teaching. Our combined decades of hands on real life experience enhances our students training. We offer quality and reliable courses to the high standards one can expect from The Canadian Red Cross.

We offer both public and private training.  The courses are tailored to help employees and/or general public understand and be able to perform First Aid and CPR in their unique work or play settings.

We pride ourselves in having a strong teaching background as well as a medical one. We not only want you to fulfil your certification requirement, we also want you to UNDERSTAND what you are doing and maybe even have some fun while learning!

We look forward to helping you save a life!

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