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We are Red Cross instructors with medical backgrounds and deep-rooted passions for teaching First Aid.

We offer award-winning, quality, accessible, and reliable First Aid courses to private groups, students, the general public and corporate clients.

Corporate and private courses are available in French as well as English.

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What Our Students are Saying

  • Algonquin Student

    Fabulous instructors. They used good, relevant stories, got everyone involved, ans answered questions well.

  • Skylar DonaghyStandard First Aid

    My experience was amazing. Everything was explained very well. It was always interesting and great stories were shared. Thank you for everything!

  • Joshua SheaPrivate Blended Standard First Aid and CPR

    Jen came out and give a great first aid course! All COVID protocols were followed and my staff left the course very well informed. They have amazing communication prior to the program.

  • Algonquin Student

    Great Practical exercises! The learning was fun and the instructor was very creative.  Great learning environment!

  • Algonquin StudentStandard First Aid and CPR

    Before taking this course, I thought that the content was going to be very complicated but Michel was a great teacher and made things easy to understand.

  • Anne StewartStandard First Aid and CPR

    Rob Samulack RN was my course instructor-I've been a nurse for many years so I have a lot of CPR courses under my belt. I thought you ( Rob) did an excellent job, used very effective techniques for both the theory and psychomotor skills, and I left with a greater understanding and sense of mastery. However your career progresses I hope it includes an element of teaching.

  • AnonymousStandard First Aid and CPR

    This was honestly the best course I have ever taken. I usually fall asleep and have issues staying attentive but I was interested the entire time. I loved the stories and the activities. I fully enjoyed it and really didn’t mind missing my weekend and waking up early on a Saturday!

  • Maggie- Josh B.Carleton University Standard First Aid

    Great Job  Jennifer & Kathaleen! Highly recommend NCFA!

  • Allison QueratStandard First Aid and CPR

    I really enjoyed this course. Of all the first aid and CPR training I have received, this was definitely the most beneficial. My instructor made the material easy to learn, remember and demonstrated how to apply it in different situations. Keep up the great work!

  • Rainier GarciaPublic First Aid Course Ottawa

    Great course. Very informative with real life experiences and a lot of hands on. Christiane, my instructor, was very knowledgeable, friendly and with lots of experience. Highly recommended.