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National Capital First Aid

We are Red Cross instructors with medical backgrounds and deep-rooted passions for teaching First Aid.

We offer award-winning, quality, accessible, and reliable First Aid courses to private groups, students, the general public and corporate clients.

Corporate and private courses are available in French as well as English.

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What Our Students are Saying

  • Algonquin Student

    Great Practical exercises! The learning was fun and the instructor was very creative.  Great learning environment!

  • Watts/Jorgenson FamiliesPrivate First Aid for Parents

    This course was excellent! Jen did a great job of commanding the room and presenting the material in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is expecting a child.

  • Shanie MohammedPublic First Aid Course Ottawa

    I am very happy with my experience with this company and especially with the Instructor Janice Scott . She was more than accomodating to my daughter and went above and beyond to help her. Janice is an amazing teacher who's understanding and caring to all of her students. This company is very lucky to have her on board. I would highly recommend Janice and this compnay to all. Thanks

  • Pamela AnthonyPrivate Blended Standard First Aid and CPR

    "  I was SO happy to have found National Capital First Aid!  We signed up for the blended learning course, and were all pleasantly surprised at how convenient ( and FUN) it was!  The option of having the instructor come to us was golden! I've taken several first aid/cpr courses over the years, and this one, BY FAR, was my favorite.  Super knowledgeable, interactive, and friendly instructor. Thank you for a fun day Jennifer!!"

  • Tiffany L. JohnsonPublic First Aid Course Ottawa

    I took the Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C with Gail and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a very interactive and hands on class, our instructor delivered the information with enthusiasm and was extremely knowledgeable about the material being presented. She allowed us to ask questions and give our own accounts of emergency situations that we have individually encountered and was just so pleasant to work with. The real life scenarios we played out showed us just how fast things can go from calm to chaotic and how we must be able to react quickly and remain calm. I totally loved the experience and would encourage anyone to take this course.

  • Christine CarknerBabysitting Course St Aidan's

    My daughter just completed a babysitting course here. Paula was super engaging and made it fun for the kids, while being very informative and educational. I would definitely recommend National Capital First Aid!

  • Rachel FishPublic First Aid Course Ottawa

    I just recently finished my second course through national capital first aid this past weekend and can’t say enough good things about it! I was lucky enough to have Gail as my instructor both times and she is absolutely amazing! She covers the course content so well and thoroughly explains all hands on skills. This course has made me feel very confident in learning all of this content and skills and makes me feel so well prepared! I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to learn first aid or CPR. They also did an amazing job on making us feel safe regarding covid-19 with all social distancing measures and precautions in place!

  • Siham BenyoucefCommunity First Aid Course, Apple Tree Medical Clinic

    I have taken many CPR courses in the past and this was the first interesting and fun one! Thank you!

  • Veronique LaportePrivate First Aid For Parents Class

    It is unbelievable how much piece of mind my family and I now have after having completed a private in-home course (First Aid for Parents). The instructor and owner, Jennifer, was extremely knowledgeable and personable. The comprehensive 2-hour course was easy to understand and highly interactive. We highly recommend that parents and extended family (e.g., grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.) take a look into some of the courses offered by this great organization. You won't regret it!!

  • Joshua SheaPrivate Blended Standard First Aid and CPR

    Jen came out and give a great first aid course! All COVID protocols were followed and my staff left the course very well informed. They have amazing communication prior to the program.